Hack the obscurity

Northbound Startups utilizes hackathon for finding teams to the accelerators and for bringing investors across the borders together with the teams accepted in the accelerators. These big international events will raise the visibility of cross-border startup activities to a new level drawing also the investors in all areas closer to startups. We will make hackathon a virtual experiment in which the audience can collaborate with the project work through keynote speeches and team pitches.

The first Northbound Startups hackathon was arranged in Summer 2020 and was called “Tech Me Happy”. Experience more of that event in it’s webpage from the following link. Link to the Tech Me Happy webpage.

Tech Me Happy was revisited in the second hackathon on 2nd of September 2021. For more information please read the blog post from the following link https://northboundstartups.com/tech-me-happy-revisited-2/

The Northbound Startups organized one more hackathon in May 2022 with the theme “Tech Me Together”. Instead of 24 hour uninterrupted hacking the event was spread to four consecutive days with solid themes each day.