Northbound Startups Investor meeting on the 1st of June 2020

The Northbound Startups project kicks-off the series of investor meetings with a cross-border event in the beginning of June. Investors in Estonia, Finland and Sweden will gather together in a webinar presenting the startup scene of the Central Baltic region. The session will introduce a cross-border panel of investors and entrepreneurs talking about the startup arena in each country and comparing the methods for valuation of startups and ideas for co-investment between countries.

When: June 1st, 2020 at 12:30 – 13:30 (EEST)
How: Sign up in here. Registration is open until 29.5.2020.

Malin Carlström, Senior Vice President Europe, ABB Technology Ventures
Fredrik Edström, Co-founder, Sally R
Riivo Anton, Founding Partner, United Angels
Taavo Annus, Founder, Bidrento
Natalja Napsep, Co-founder, Bidrento
Amel Gaily, Managing Director, FiBAN
Peter Sarlin, CEO, Silo.AI

Panel will be hosted by Björn Larsson from Västerås Tech Invest.

After the international webinar the event will continue with a local session amongst the Finnish investors at 14 – 16 (EEST). Join us in listening the latest news and surveys of SHIFT and ArcticStartup and share your thoughts of the current situation.

12:00 Sign-in to the local pre-session
12:10 Introduction and practical guidance for the event
12:30 Sign-in to the international webinar
14:00 Return back to the local investor meeting
14:15 Northbound Startups introduction
14:30 ArcticStartup investor survey by Jan Ameri
15:00 SHIFT this year by Mari Männistö
15:25 How to invest in digital heart companies with Sofokus Ventures by Turo Numminen
15:45 Open mic discussion

You can sign-up in the local session through the registration link above.

The Investor meeting is organized by the Nordic Startups project and co-hosted by SHIFT and Turku Science Park. Both events are free of charge but require registration. For more information please contact

Turku Science Park Ltd