Meet the teams

Teams participating in the Northbound Startup accelerator started their evolution on September 9th. Practical workshop event concentrated on business models and result management. For the next 6 months, these startups will get a chance to develop their product or service, sharpen their marketing and selling activities and become investment ready.

Experienced mentors are going help the startups by giving them advice on the best ways of creating escalating business models, about attracting investments and by helping them to get to the desired market. In addition to that, these startups will have an opportunity to take part in practical workshops according to the agenda which can be found in the link below.

Link to the agenda of the accelerator workshops.

Cuitu Oy

Cuitu is a Finnish fashion brand that creates modern items for urban people. They have a strong passion to develop the most sustainable practices to produce ready-to-wear-fashion, which is driving them to explore opportunities across industries on local and international scale. Their style can be described as playful but also functional.

Digitaika Oy is an online tool to create animated videos and online courses from existing tools like PowerPoint. It converts static content automatically into video with animations and timings, enabling video creation in just few minutes without additional effort.

Ender Turing

Ender Turing utilizes real-time conversational AI as an automatic consultant for skincare industry. This Virtual Consultant builds deep relationship between cosmetic brand and it’s clients as well as provides brands with real-time insights.

GlobalTech Group Oy

GT-Scales is an onboard weighing system for the freight vehicles providing real-time vehicle, axle-load and payload weighing.


Influensseri connects social media micro- and nanoinfluencers to brands/companies who are looking to advertise their product via influencer marketing.

Just Ride Technology OÜ

Just Ride Technology is integrating an intercity carpool with last mile solutions, providing the first 360 approach to traveling without a personal vehicle. Their solutions gives millennials the means to live a personal car free life.

Korpi Solutions Oy

Korpi ForRest helps knowledge workers to handle their cognitive capacity by providing an easy to use break solution with a biofeedback loop with the help of virtual forest environment.

Larmik Oy

mySuperMon is a tool for use-case based database application monitoring. It is simple, affordable and easy solution to automate the database monitoring process.

Livify is a service that creates engaging 3D videos from existing 2D images and helps to sell real estate listings.


Neurosaliece develops tool for early detection of dementia from MRI scans. This allows private healthcare companies to decrease patient-related costs and improve the quality of life of their clients. The product is capable of processing even the low resolution MRI data from older scanners with potential extension to CT scans which are cheap and widely available.

Sigholm Tech AB

Sigholm Tech provides a platform of digital services to utility companies. By digitalizing the production planning process of a CHP plant they can reduce the number of experts needed for oversight and control.

Student Recruitment Pro

Student Recruitment Pro offers tech support remotely. They recruit and train university students in tech/IT fields, tailor the service on the customer’s needs through accelerated learning and provide the support with the end users native language.