Presentations of the local NBS Investor meeting in Turku

In the beginning of June the Northbound Startups project provided an investor meeting for Finnish investors. The meeting was jointly organized by Turku Science Park and SHIFT and arranged in connection with the NBS cross-border investment meeting. The event took place in the TScP premises and was streamed in Zoom. It merrily topped off the weekend of SHIFT anniversary.

For starters Mari Männistö from SHIFT and Arto Branders from TScP discussed about the importance of maintaining the local network of investors in the southwestern region and presented the idea of Original Finland Investor Network. The following hour was spent watching the panel discussion of Estonian, Finnish and Swedish investors and startups, link to that event, and then we sparked off the presentations of the local event.

Arto started the talks by introducing the Northbound Startups project from the investor point of view. Then Mari gave an interesting insight into the coming SHIFT Business Webstival 2020. Jan Ameri from the ArcticStartup continued the theme and walked us through the survey which they had conducted during the Covid-19 breakout and finally Turo Numminen from Sofokus Ventures called us to invest in the digital heart companies. Below please find links to the presentations.

The event was facilitated by Kirsi Kostia and Niko Herlin from Great Minds.

Link to the NBS project presentation
Link to the SHIFT presentation
Link to the survey of ArcticStartup
Link to the Sofokus Ventures presentation

Great Minds interviewing Johanna Puhtila and Arto Branders about the offering of the Northbound Startups project
Mari Männistö and Niko Herlin talking about the future of SHIFT
Turku Science Park Ltd