Tech Me Happy International Hackathon 2nd September 2021

Tech Me Happy is back! The first hackathon for tech-dreamers was organized a year ago and now we will revisit the theme. Only this time we will do it with the superstars of our coming accelerator.


This is an online hackathon, just like the first one. We’ll use Zoom for the common workshops, pitches and mentoring and Slack for messaging between organizers, teams, mentors and the moderator, not forgetting random jibber-jabber and diiba-daaba. And of course teams will have their own means and channels for internal communication.


We’ll start with the introduction of the Northbound Startups accelerator followed by the story of EnderTuring who excelled in our first hackathon and later on in the accelerator. Some interesting insights of the impact of an accelerator program can be expected. Introductions will continue with the startups themselves, but only for one minute each. Then we’ll move on into keymentor sessions where teams will meet the mentors with whom they will spend the coming six months. Some deep analysis of business and action planning is likely to happen in there. After the lunch break teams will discuss with expert mentors we have in the program and then there’s good stuff from Stoyan Yankov about the team performance. After all this our startups should still have some sparks left ’cause the event will end in a pitching session. We’ll hear seven 3 minute presentations of the products and services they offer juiced with questions from our expert panel.

The outcome

There’re no winners and everyone is a winner. These teams have already achieved their spot in the accelerator. Instead they will get coaching and get to know some of the Tehnopol Startup Incubator mentors even before the actual program starts. So this time we’re not solving systemic problems in a day but rather preparing teams for the accelerator. But when saying that someone may well do so. We’ll see. Remember, dreaming without limits is always an option.