Given times are in EEST.

Thursday 11.6

17:00 Opening words and introduction by Louis Zezeran
17:15 90 sec. pitches from each team
17:45 Teamwork starts
19:00 Workshop: How to create value for your customers by Anders Wikström and Anna Harrysson
20:00 First checkpoint with Team mentors (2-3 teams per mentor), up to 15 minutes per team.
21:00 First session with Field mentors
22:00 Teamwork continues

Friday 12.6

9:00 Good morning and the overview of the day
9:20 Second checkpoint with Team mentors (2-3 teams per mentor)
10:00 Second session with Field mentors
11:00 Teamwork continues
13:00 Third session with Field mentors
14:00 Workshop: Pitch training by Anna Harrysson and Anders Wikström
16:00 Final event opening
16:15 Final pitching – 3 minutes per team
17:15 Announcing winner

If you’re a mentor or hacker please follow your email and Slack channels. Links to the Zoom meetings will be provided in there.