TECH ME HAPPY is the first hackathon of the Northbound Startups project. There’s a lot of stuff of NBS in but the main mission is to put startups and investors together in the Central Baltic region and increase the cross-border teaming between entrepreneurs, founders and startups. What could be a better event to kick this off than hackathon!


Hey! This is the Covid-19 age still. We’ll do the hackathon online in Guaana.

How to participate

Check out this link to the event landing page in Guaana. Log in and submit your hack proposal. There’s no entry fee and you don’t have to be a skilled hacker or experienced team. We will evaluate the applications and select participants based on your input in the submission page. If you feel like you can create something to prove your concept in 24 hours you’re good to apply.


Did we mention that this hack is organized by the Northbound Startups project? Well, the project arranges two half year accelerator programs for startups in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The winner of this hackathon gets nothing less than a wild card for one of those accelerators.

How to communicate

We’ll use Slack in messaging between the organizers, hack teams and mentors and Zoom in workshops, pitching and inter-team communication.

Outside world

Part of the event will be recorded and streamed publicly including but not necessarily limited to opening and closing sessions, pitches and awarding.

Please note that the ideas, demonstrations and supporting material the participants show during the hackathon event will be publicly visible during and after the event. Protecting the innovation is at participants obligation.