Some of you are experienced hackers already and some might wonder what is this all about. Below please find practical information about hackathon teams.

Participating teams

Link to the list of Tech Me Happy teams can be found in the hackathon front page.

What is a hack team like?

There’s lots of guidance for participating hackathon in the internet. One basic rule applies; one person is not a team. Some hackathons allow solo registration but we would encourage you to find at least another member in your team before the hack starts. 24-hour event is quite short for starting with partnering. Typical size of a team is 3-5 people but nothing prevents participating with a larger group as long as you can find a productive role for everyone.

How to form a hack team?

Different hackathons call for different skills. Tech Me Happy suggests that you should introduce some novel and extraordinary tech solutions and that you are not necessarily solving crises this time. Think about your idea and find people capable for demonstrating it. Remember that it’s not only about showing something in action but also explaining the business logic behind it. For sure you need someone to pitch the idea in front of the jury but you might also benefit for a project manager, tech developers for SW and HW, someone to think about go to market strategy and so on. Or if you are building an app you may wanna have someone to look after user interface and coding such as UX designer and frontend/backend developer. If you’re solving a problem you’ll need someone who’s an expert in that domain eg. someone who knows the issue deep-down by heart.

How the team works?

In an online hackathon like this teams are virtual and connected together and with the organizers in internet. Tech Me Happy utilizes Guaana platform in submission and evaluation. You’ll get to know Guaana when submitting your idea for the hackathon. Pitches, workshops, ceremonies and inter-team discussion will be done in Zoom and Slack is used for messaging between organizers, teams, mentors and the moderator, or just for random jibber-jabber and diiba-daaba when you feel like it. Anyway, being physically together or scattered around the world, team works together towards the goal which you have set in the beginning. For that you will get guidance from mentors along the way. Please note that mentors are there to keep you on track, not to do the job for you.