Thank You for participating in the first Northbound Startups Investment Meeting

We are glad that You participated at our first cross-border meeting. More than 40 persons were signed in on the Zoom stream of the international webinar. For those who missed that or want to watch the best parts again we will soon release an edited summary of the event on our webpage.

The panel introduced You investors and startups from Estonia, Finland and Sweden and we addressed them the following questions.

Riivo Anton, United Angels VC, Estonia,
Amel Gaily, Fiban, Finland,
Malin Carlström, ABB Technology Ventures, Sweden,

  1. How do you value companies in early stages in your country (mind template? Is there any tool / model used?) and what is important to you as an investor when investing in early companies?
  2. What opportunities / obstacles do you see in making joint investments with investors across the Baltic Sea? (SWE/FIN/EST)

Some conclusions from the discussion:

  • It’s important for investors that startups consider what is in it for the investor to balance risk and potential
  • Reversed engineering in the cap table covering the total capital need and rounds to foresee cap table dilution is supported
  • Consider standardized valuations and return expectation based on the company’s development stage
  • Make a written document with the owner’s goal with the company and the investment
  • Understand the investors need for an exit and timeline

Taavo Annus & Nadja Napsep, Estonia, Bidrento,
Peter Sarlin, Finland,,
Fredrik Edström, Sweden, Sally R,

  1. What is important for you when seeking investments?
  2. What do you see as opportunities and barriers to having foreign investors?

Some conclusions from the discussion:

  • Experienced serial entrepreneurs in the fonder team drives valuation
  • Founders find a lot to gain from active investors who can help with lead generation and competence
  • Founders want to secure that angels are ready to support in the future and/or attract larger investors
  • Investors will be in the company for 7-9 years so pic them carefully

So what is Next!

For Investors You will soon get an invitation for joining the activities consisting of workshops, B2B meetings, Demodays to expand your own professional network across the Baltic Sea and meet new startups that will be investment ready.

For Startups You are able to attend the 24-hour online Hackathon, link to Tech Me Happy – hackathon, on the 11-12 of June and also apply to the unique cross-border Accelerator program.

Let’s keep in touch and keep on following the news on our website


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Arto Branders, Turku Science Park
Anne-Liisa Elbrecht, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

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