Northbound Startups Accelerator submission period extended

We will extend the submission period of the NBS accelerator with two weeks. Since the program will start online, there’s no need for travel arrangements and we wanted to use that excess time in favor of those teams which are still getting their act together after the summer break. The new submission date is 23.8.2020.

Program will start in September as planned but due to Covid-19 the workshop sessions of 2020 will be Zoomed and streamed online preventing the need for traveling abroad. We are prepared to continue like this the whole autumn meaning that presumably all workshop sessions will be arranged in Zoom. We sincerely hope we can all get together latest in the Demo day next year.

For more information of the accelerator program please visit News and events or follow this link to the Accelerator page.

If you are ready to submit your proposal follow this link to the application form.